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E-maxx 3906 Dual Revolver 700 Motor Conversion Kit    $69.99
Current Order to Delivery Time: Out of Stock

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With the ongoing battle between nitro and electric, this alternative to the brushless craze brings E-maxx owners a strong alternative.  This kit pushes E-maxxes well past the 30 mph mark and only on 12 cells.  Half the fun happens at the site of the top speed...The other half happens at the site of other's faces when the hood is lifted to reveal the two oversized cans powering the truck.


  • Includes giant dual 700-sized motors. You would typically find these motors in powertools, vaccums and RC boats - more than 1 3/4" in diameter and more than 2 1/2" long.
  • More than a 47% increase in power over Titan motors and HUGE amounts of torque from 5-pole armature.
  • Mount made of thick natural high-grade 6061 aluminum.
  • Mount also a direct fit for our Revolver 700-HO motor
  • Uses Traxxas EVX speed controller
  • Includes choice of overdrive gearing. Larger pinions turns 1st gear into your regular gear for driving and 2nd gearing into overdrive!
  • Optional ESC fan. Not an absolute necessity, but great for that added reassurance when running in grass, mud and up hills.
  • All hardware included- No modifications necessary. Can be had with motors prepped and ready for connecting for $12.
  • Kit includes 2 Revolver 700 motors, T-6 6061 aluminum motor mount, choice of pinions, capacitors, hardware and full color instruction manual.

E-maxx 700 Motor Kit - $69.99
Dual Motor Prep - $12
ESC Fan - $14.99
Choice of Pinion

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